Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Preparing for NCCE

In March I will be presenting at our regional computer educators conference in Spokane. My presentation is called "Creating a Learning Legacy, Incorporating Kid Created Multimedia Into Standards Based Lessons". I have one hour to share what I want to share. Hmm... where to start? I think right now, I have more ideas than examples so I will need to get busy when school starts back this next week. I was thinking instead of sleeping last night (this is common with me) about my presentation last night. I was thinking about the fact that the reason I like using technology in class is that I can use it as a tool to create and communicate. I have never been a big fan of educational computer games. I have always, since the very beginning used technology for creating and communicating. I think that I do a pretty good job of using technology as a teaching tool and a communication tool in my class. I incorporate videos, Power Point, blogs, websites etc. into my daily teaching. Now I really want to go a step further and have my students be able to use technology to share their learning. I have a ton of ideas now I just need to incorporate them into my daily teaching. I need to think of ways to have students using technology to teach. I need to do this in a way that enhances the learning of Standards and doesn't get in the way of their learning. I want to use video, PowerPoint, PhotoStory, podcasts, and whiteboard movies.

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