Monday, April 30, 2007

Craft Island

craft island
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It has been awhile since we added to our learn something new blog. It is not because we haven't been learning, we have just been very busy. Soon you will see a slide show from Jacob's trip to DC and photos and stories from our trip to UW School of Engineering Open House. Today I wanted to share a neat find near our home. On Earth Day, my husband, my dog and I headed out on a hike to find a geocache. Craft Island is a small island in Skagit Bay. You can actually walk to the island if you hit the tides right. This was a fairly easy hike. A little muddy, but absolutely beautiful. We saw at least 10 bald eagles and over 20 heron. We saw many other types of birds. We even saw a few snakes. Roswell LOVED running through the wetlands and on the beach. It was a perfect day. It is so neat to have such amazing places so close to home.