Friday, December 22, 2006


I think that one reason I like writing and blogging is that I know that I am more than meets the eye. When people meet me, I think that they see a rather frumpy elementary teacher with a bit of a Texas accent. I don't think that it is obvious that I am someone who has lived and traveled all over the world. I am someone who cares deeply for the world's poor and hungry. I am rather adventurous. And, I have become quite the technogeek with a love for how I can use technology to be creative and share with others and continue to learn new things daily.

It has now been 6 1/2 years since I have lived overseas. This is really a piece of my identity that I don't want to lose. I think that my experiences living in places like the Navajo Nation, Kenya, Ecuador and Indonesia and my work with the poor in Mexico, Haiti, India, Honduras and Somalia has done a lot to shape who I am. I love my life here in Mount Vernon, WA. My husband and I have a neat 100 year old house in a great neighborhood. We have the world's most wonderful dog and we are both very happy. A year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to go to Honduras with Heifer International. Since leaving Indonesia, I had traveled extensively in the US and Canada, but hadn't been back to the "3rd world". Landing in Tegulcigalpa was like coming home. It refreshed a part of me that I had been missing. I vowed then not to let that part of my life go away. I need to be in touch and aware of what is happening in our world and I need to share my passion for the world's hungry and poor with my students and any one else who will listen.

So, If I am the one painting the picture, that is how I want to paint myself. I am a teacher , a lifelong learner, a happy wife with a passion for caring about the world's poor and hungry.

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